June 11 anniversary: ​​what happened on a day like today

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June 11 anniversary: ​​what happened on a day like today

On 1982, the first visit of a Papa to Argentinian republic. Juan Pablo II traveled to the country with a message of peace in the face of the Malvinas. The Supreme Pontiff was received by the de facto president, General Leopoldo Lucky Galtieri, and escorted by a crowd from the Ezeiza Airport until the Metropolitan Cathedral. “Allow me to invoke the peace of Christ on the victims of the war conflict (…) to request from the governments and the international community appropriate measures to prevent further damage, heal the wounds of war and facilitate the reestablishment of spaces for peace. fair and lasting ”, was the message of the Obispo from Roma.

On 1580, on this date there was what is known as the second foundation of the Buenos aires city. On that occasion, entrusted by the Spanish Crown, Juan de Garay baptized the City of Trinidad on the land that years later would become the current May Plaza.

On 1998, and after 24 years of uninterrupted mandate, he leaves the presidency of the International Association Football Federation (FIFA) João Havelange. The predecessor of Joseph blatter was guilty of receiving bribes in the investigation carried out by the ethics committee of the FIFA after what became known as the ISL 2012 scandal. “Havelange played water polo, he can’t talk about football”, as the star defined it in the nineties. Diego Armando Maradona.

On 1910, the renowned marine explorer was born Jacques-Yves Cousteau. The Frenchman was not only a renowned scientific popularizer, but he was also the co-inventor of the on-demand valve for the first scuba diving suit.

On Argentina, since 1946 each 11th of June is celebrated on Neighbor’s day at the initiative of the Villa del Parque Neighborhood Association. On 1990, the mayor Carlos Grosso officially decreed the establishment of the 11th of June as Participatory Neighbor’s Day.

On 1959, the British actor was born Hugh Laurie. Thanks to his famous interpretation of “Dr. House”Got two Golden Globe consecutive like Best Dramatic Actor. Born in Oxford he successfully ventured into other facets of art: as a musician he released two blues records, “Let Them Talk“Of 2011 and”Didn’t It Rain” from 2013, and as a writer he published the thriller “The Gun Seller” on 1996.

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