June 14 anniversary: ​​what happened on a day like today

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June 14 anniversary: ​​what happened on a day like today

The June 14, 1982, the commander of the British ground forces, Jeremy Moore, accepted the surrender of the general Mario Benjamín Menendez. This decision would end the Falklands War after two months and twelve days of combat. In addition, it would mark the beginning of the end of the military dictatorship that ruled Argentina since 1976.

On 1942, the young woman Anna Frank he would write the first page of his private diary where there would be a record of the atrocities that Nazism committed at that time. The girl would be captured by German soldiers in 1944 and taken to the concentration camp Bergen-Belsen where he would die of typhus around February [1945.

On 1996, at the behest of the pope Pablo WE, the Vatican addresses the List of Prohibited Books, list of prohibited books for Catholics. Among the censored authors were jean paul Sartre, Immanuel Kant, Victor Hugo Y Alexander dumas, among others.

A June 14, 1946 in the New York district of Queens the tycoon is born, and former American president, Donald Trump. Before getting involved in the politics of the USA, Trump He was a television celebrity and had his own reality show, The Apprentice, where several candidates competed for a position of CEO. After defeating Hilary Clinton on 2016, became president and began a management with great controversies and outbursts.

On 1973, the musician was born in Rosario RobertoCotiSorokin. Besides being the author of hits like “Before seeing the sun” O “Nothing was wrong”, Sorokin co-wrote with Diego TorresHope color”. In his career he recorded seven studio albums and two live recitals, including the remembered presentation at the Teatro Colón 2018.

On 1986, died in Geneva, Swiss, the Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges. The famous author of “The Aleph” Y “Fictions”Was director of the National LibraryDuring his tenure, he managed to obtain approval for the construction of the building where he now has his headquarters. On 1961, got the Formentor International Award with the Irish playwright Samuel Beckett.

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