Jungle Cruise on Disney +: Price and how to buy the movie, when will it be free

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If a couple of weeks ago, Disney released one of its blockbusters for this summer as Black Widow, today it is the turn of another such as Jungle Cruise. We should have seen these two films in 2020, but the Coronavirus pandemic paralyzed EVERYTHING in the world. And looking at Warner’s hybrid model, Disney also opted for a theatrical release and at the same time on its VOD platform.

Jungle Cruise

But although things went half well with Cruella and others, it seems that in the end it has taken its toll, because Black Widow’s box office has been the first big scare in the UCM Marvel for 13 years – so long that yesterday the Internet went crazy when it became known that Scarlett Johansson asked Disney for this reason precisely, which may be the basis for more demands on Disney and also on Warner (Tenet’s box office in 2020 for example). Therefore, the largest entertainment giant that exists announced that Jungle Cruise will be the last to premiere like this, in cinemas and through a Disney + Premium pass.

Based on a Disney attraction – that’s how the Pirates of the Caribbean universe was born – and an adventure movie with a very classic aftertaste in which The Rock y Emily Blunt -the most recent Mary Poppins and who could not be the original Black Widow in Iron Man 2 because she was ‘trapped’ in the filming of The Werewolf-, they look for a tree with healing powers in the middle of the Amazon.

Buy Jungle Cruise at Disney +: Price

To see Disney + you can choose 2 models:

  • Subscription Monthly for 8.99 euros a month
  • Subscription Annual for 89.99 euros a month
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Those are the prices for subscribing – remember that the incorporation of the Star catalog has brought with it the price increase – but Disney has decided to catalog Jungle Cruise as a premiere of ‘Premium Access’, which means that you can see it before it is release in general.

But this implies that a separate price must be paid. A price that has been a source of controversy and division, because it is certainly not low, but Seeing Jungle Cruise at your house today Friday is going to cost you 21.99 euros -always apart from what you already pay for Disney. In the rest of the countries, the price is:

  • United States: 29,99$
  • Canada: 34,99 CAD$
  • Australia: 34,99 AUD$
  • New Zealand: 39.99 NZD$
  • United Kingdom: 19.99
  • Spain, Italy, Portugal (and others from Europe): 21.99
  • Argentina: 1.050$
  • Brazil: 69,90
  • Chile: 12.900 CLP$
Colombia: 9.900
  • Costa Rica: 11,99 USD$
Ecuador: 12,99 USD$
  • Mexico: 329
  • Paraguay: 13,99
  • Urugay: 16,99 USD$

When does the free Jungle Cruise come to Disney +

As in the other cases, Jungle Cruise will end up being available for free for the rest of Disney + subscribers who do not want to go through the box and prefer to go to the cinema or wait for it to leave Premium access, something that will happen exactly on the November 12, 2021, according to officially announces Disney + on its website.


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