Jury Finds Musk Not Liable for Cheating Case Over Tesla Tweets

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A federal jury in San Francisco (USA) declared on Friday the businessman Elon Musk not responsible for the alleged millionaire losses that several investors attributed to his tweets of 2018 in which he said he had enough funds to take the company out of the stock market, something that never happened.

The jury of nine people made the decision in just two hours after retiring to deliberate today, after a civil trial that has lasted three weeks and in which it was settled if the tycoon deceived investors with his controversial messages on the social network Twitter (NYSE:TWTR), according to local media.

It is a victory for Musk, who testified throughout the process to ensure that he did have enough capital to take the company out of the stock market thanks to commitments from Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund and his own participation in SpaceX, and also noted that he had no bad intentions towards investors.

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