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Justin Bieber Dances with Fan at Billionaire Wedding Celebration

Justin Bieber Dances with Fan at Billionaire Wedding Celebration
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Justin Bieber put on an electrifying performance at a recent event—but it wasn’t part of a new tour. The famous singer lent his talents to a billionaire’s wedding celebration.

Bieber arrived in Mumbai for the sangeet ceremony of Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant. The sangeet, a pre-wedding event rich with singing and music, was made all the more special with Bieber’s presence. Instead of hiring a DJ, the couple chose to bring in Justin to entertain their guests.

Footage of the event shows Bieber dancing solo before inviting a girl to join him, creating a memorable moment for everyone in attendance. Additional clips circulating online capture Justin performing some of his classic hits like “Baby,” which had the crowd energized and dancing.

The bride and groom have certainly earned a reputation for hosting star-studded events. In March, Rihanna performed at another pre-wedding ceremony for Merchant and Ambani, indicating a trend of high-profile entertainment throughout their celebrations.

For Bieber, this event marked a rare appearance. Since canceling his “Justice” tour due to a Ramsay Hunt Syndrome diagnosis, his public performances have been infrequent. His few recent engagements include a guest spot at Coachella and a performance during the NHL All-Star Game Weekend in Toronto, suggesting that only major events coax him back on stage these days.


Whether it’s a big stage or big money, Justin Bieber’s performance at this luxurious wedding ceremony added an unforgettable touch to the already grand event.

Source: TMZ