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Justin Timberlake Jokes about DWI Arrest During Boston Concert
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Justin Timberlake seems ready to move on from his recent legal drama, as he addressed the incident onstage again and even managed to joke about it.

The singer-songwriter appeared to poke fun at his recent DWI charges in Boston on Saturday night. A video of his quip is making rounds online.

In the clip, Timberlake begins by engaging with the audience, setting up what appeared to be a question about first-time attendees of his show. Instead, he humorously fakes out the crowd by asking if there’s “anyone here tonight that is driving.”

The crowd’s reaction was a mix of laughter and cheers, making it clear that Timberlake was joking. He then reverted to his originally planned questions about new fans and long-time supporters.
Sag Harbor Police Department

The joke comes only a couple of weeks after he was pulled over by police in Sag Harbor, New York. Timberlake was charged with one count of DWI after allegedly running a stop sign and failing a series of sobriety tests.

His lawyer, Ed Burke Jr., has stated that Timberlake plans to fight the charges all the way. The artist first addressed the arrest publicly during a concert in Chicago shortly afterward, referring to it as a “tough week.”

Despite the setback, Timberlake continues with “The Forget Tomorrow” world tour. He has no plans to enter rehab following his arrest, indicating that he’s treating the entire situation as not a big deal.

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