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Justin Timberlake's Sag Harbor Mugshot in Unexpected Place

Justin Timberlake’s Sag Harbor Mugshot in Unexpected Place

Justin Timberlake’s mugshot has found an unorthodox spotlight at an art gallery in Sag Harbor. The pop star was arrested for driving while intoxicated (DWI), according to reports by the New York Post’s Page Six.

Timberlake’s mugshot has been transformed into a limited-edition art piece now displayed prominently on the wall of the Romany Kramoris Gallery in Sag Harbor, New York. The arrest occurred on the night of June 17, with police alleging he was operating his vehicle under the influence of alcohol.

The artist behind this piece is Godfrey Lohman, who brought the artwork to the gallery. Romany Kramoris, the gallery’s owner, shared that the public’s reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. The artwork, available in pink, blue, and green, has been attracting continuous lines of onlookers eager to snap photos.

“My reaction was, ‘Oh my God!’ That’s great! It’s just great!” Kramoris exclaimed upon seeing the artwork. The gallery plans to display more pieces featuring Timberlake’s mugshot throughout the summer. Each piece is priced at $520.

An employee at the gallery described the display as “our most contemporary piece! It’s au courant,” noting its trendy status.

Timberlake faced multiple charges on June 18, including one count of DWI, running a stop sign, and failing to stay in line. A police officer observed Timberlake’s 2025 BMW running a stop sign and not staying on the right side of the road. The arrest report, acquired by People, detailed the pop star’s condition, noting his bloodshot and glassy eyes, the strong smell of alcohol on his breath, his slowed speech, and inability to perform field sobriety tests.

As a result, the Grammy-winning singer was detained by the Sag Harbor Police Department, processed at their headquarters, and later arraigned at the town’s village justice court. Timberlake was released after the hearing.

Timberlake’s court date is set for July 26, coinciding with a concert date in Kraków, Poland, part of his Forget Tomorrow World Tour. He was in Sag Harbor during a break in the tour following a sold-out performance at the Kaseya Center in Miami. His upcoming tour dates for July include stops in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Kentucky before heading overseas.

Upon his arrest, Timberlake reportedly told the police officer, “This is going to ruin the tour.” The officer, unaware of Timberlake’s celebrity status, responded, “What tour?” To which Timberlake answered, “The world tour.”

This exchange, highlighting the officer’s apparent obliviousness to Timberlake’s fame, and the now-iconic artwork of his mugshot, briefly trended on social media. Some social media users even likened the incident to a scene from Netflix’s Bojack Horseman, describing it as “The most Bojack Horseman-coded thing I’ve ever seen.”

Timberlake’s failure to be recognized by a younger officer sparked discussions online about the generational divide between Millennials and Gen-Z. Fans noted that even once-iconic celebrities may now be unrecognizable to the younger generation.

The phrase “This is going to ruin the tour” has since become a meme, with internet users humorously inserting it into various iconic and dramatic scenes. One example features the well-known interrogation scene from the 2001 movie Shrek, where the gingerbread man uses Timberlake’s words instead of the original dialogue.

While the meme gained rapid popularity, Timberlake’s arrest and the unique display of his mugshot at the Sag Harbor gallery have also captured significant attention. With the artwork available throughout the summer, the possibility of Timberlake’s meme being displaced by his newfound art fame remains to be seen.

Source: New York Post’s Page Six, People