Kabul alert: missile-armed Taliban target military planes with evacuees

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The latest military intelligence reports from the OTAN have put on alert the international coalition that is busy these days to evacuate people from Acceptance. Sources from the Spanish Armed Forces confirm this: outside the airport there are Taliban with enough weapons to shoot down planes. Although – for the moment – they do not seem to intend to use it, they are targeting the aircraft taking off to simulate their downing and make things even more difficult for the pilots.

Even the cameras have been able to capture it. This Saturday, in the middle of the hustle and bustle at Kabul airport, a French air force A400M plane took off from the runway loaded with evacuated Afghans when, suddenly, the flare launch. Some surprising images that, according to Spanish military sources consulted by OKDIARIO, hide a worrying fact: the surroundings of the airport are full of weapons capable of shooting down planes and that forces the operating aircraft to use their countermeasures systems as a precaution.

The Taliban arsenal has taken a quantum leap in recent weeks thanks to tons of material A leading military man who has sneaked out of the abandoned Afghan army bases. And among those weapons, according to the information handled by military intelligence, there are specific missile launchers for aerial targets whose projectiles detect heat sources with an infrared sensor and are directed towards them. They are generically called IR-MANPADS and the Taliban are already using them.

Aircraft crews, they explain, receive an alert from the aircraft’s defense system when one of these missile launchers ‘sets’ them as a target. The flares seen in the images captured this Saturday show the aircraft’s response to these threats: they generate alternative heat points with which to ‘fool’ these missiles. The response can be automatic or triggered manually by the pilots.

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“Touch noses” to the pilots

«It seems more like a way of Touch the noses to pilots that a real threat, but nothing can be taken for granted. The truth is no missile has been firedbut they play with it and at any time they can get out of hand to someone, willingly or not, “explain the military sources to which OKDIARIO has had access, which neither confirm nor deny that the Spanish pilots have been involved in any of these situations.

For this reason, they explain, the United States has deployed aerial means of intelligence gathering over Kabul. Air patrol planes ready to listen to all kinds of radio transmissions among the Taliban and determine if there is any real threat. These planes have been operating since the beginning of the evacuations. It is also capable of ‘blind’ communications, overriding the signals with their inhibitor systems. The presence of American communications aircraft over the Kabul sky has not gone unnoticed by experts in the field.

The threat of anti-aircraft

Other sources, with decades of experience in the service of the Air Force, explain that, apart from missiles and more technological weapons, international aircraft are also under the threat of much more conventional weapons.

One of the most common among the arsenal of the Taliban is anti-aircraft guns ZSU-23-2. A weapon of Soviet origin very present in Afghanistan, which the Islamists operate mounted on SUVs type pickup and that are already being seen in Kabul. «They are criminals, cheap and convert a (helicopter) Apache on a cheese graterImagine a transport taking off at 500 meters… nothing happens for now because the Americans have a pact with the Taliban, but at any moment, a group to his ball, pissed off because they have killed their wives or children, a C-17 (plane) takes you down with a two-second burst, “they explain.

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Kabul alert: missile-armed Taliban target military planes with evacuees
An anti-aircraft gun on a 4 × 4.

These weapons, despite their technical simplicity and age, “are so powerful that all ground attack aircraft and helicopters designed to withstand 23mm shots of these machine guns. Apache helicopters have armor for the pilots and the transmission, supposedly to withstand their bullets, but the reality is different and everyone who has been shot by that model has fallen», They warn.

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