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Kai Cenat Says Twitch Almost Banned Him for Indoor Fireworks Stunt

Kai Cenat recently faced the possibility of being banned from Twitch due to a risky stunt involving fireworks inside his home. The popular streamer, boasting over 12 million followers on Twitch, nearly lost his channel after a misadventure during a live broadcast on July 3.

The incident began when Cenat invited well-known YouTuber, Mr. Beast, to join his show in celebration of the holiday. The pair decided to go live from Cenat’s residence, with a backdrop of what appeared to be hundreds of fireworks. What started as a festive setup quickly spiraled out of control.

During the stream, Cenat’s associate, AMP Davis, ignited one of the firework boxes in Mr. Beast’s absence. Cenat, visibly upset, yelled at Davis to stop and warned him about the consequences of his actions. The tension escalated, leading to a physical struggle between the two for the fireworks box, punctuated by Cenat’s expletive-filled admonishments.

The chaos peaked when the fireworks eventually went off inside the home. Cenat, audibly distressed, was heard outside the room questioning why Davis had set off the explosives. The live stream was abruptly cut off as the dangerous display unfolded, raising serious safety concerns.

This reckless behavior directly violated Twitch’s community guidelines, which strictly prohibit dangerous activities and any encouragement of such behavior. These guidelines state that the platform disallows content that could endanger lives, cause physical harm, or urge others to engage in harmful acts. Notably, Twitch makes no exceptions for stunts or jokes that could feasibly lead to injury.

In a YouTube video posted the following day, Cenat clarified that the fireworks stunt was a meticulously planned ruse. He and Mr. Beast had spent a month crafting an outdoor replica of the room seen in the stream.

“They told us ASAP, we can get banned for blowing it up. We didn’t know this whole time,” Cenat explained in the video. “That’s why the VOD went down. If anyone went to check the VOD, the VOD disappeared. I was on the verge of getting banned. I had to hurry up and tell my rep—the people that represent me on Twitch—I had to show them everything; I had to show them the whole set.”

Since its release on July 5, Cenat’s explanation video has racked up over 3.6 million views, adding yet another chapter to his storied presence on the platform.

Source: Complex, Twitch Community Guidelines