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Kaitlyn Bristowe Discusses New Relationship: Is It Zac Clark?

Kaitlyn Bristowe Discusses New Relationship: Is It Zac Clark?

Former Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe has been dropping subtle hints about her new relationship, sparking curiosity among her fans. Although she remains tight-lipped about the identity of her current partner, her recent appearance on the Let’s Be Honest podcast provided some tantalizing clues that have left many speculating she might be dating Zac Clark.

Kaitlyn has chosen to keep her personal life mostly private, particularly when it comes to her love life. Despite not officially confirming who she’s seeing, Kaitlyn has been spotted with Zac Clark on several occasions. Zac, who was previously engaged to Tayshia Adams, shares a history with Kaitlyn as they co-hosted a few seasons together.

Rumors about their relationship began swirling around New Year’s, especially after what appeared to be a soft launch of their potential romance at her party. The reception, however, wasn’t what she had hoped for, leading Kaitlyn to become more reserved about her dating life ever since.

While discussing her current relationship on the Let’s Be Honest podcast, Kaitlyn refrained from naming her partner but shared enough details to fuel further speculation. She recounted their first date, mentioning that she flew to New York to meet him at his apartment, as he was working at the time. They opted for a casual get-together, enjoying pizza and a conversation outdoors. Kaitlyn admitted, “I would get nervous usually in situations like that. But, I was just like, ‘Oh, here we go.’ I’m going to know right off the bat if I like him or not. The conversations [are] either going to be good or terrible. I was going into it almost fed up.”

The chemistry between them is undeniable, as Kaitlyn noted they are continuing to get to know each other. Despite their growing connection, she hinted that they are not rushing to relocate to each other’s cities anytime soon.

Kaitlyn described her mystery man as a good person with a kind heart. She confessed that sometimes she finds herself waiting for the other shoe to drop but is pleasantly surprised by how healthy and honest their relationship is. She remarked, “I’m honestly not sabotaging this. I’ve never been more clear or level-headed or mature or myself. It’s just been a really healthy, honest, communicative … It’s nice.” The couple meets once a month, suggesting a steady but measured approach to their relationship.

Interestingly, Kaitlyn shared that although he is not seeing anyone else, she occasionally goes out with other people. However, she clarified that she is not active on any dating apps.

Speculation remains high about whether Zac Clark is indeed the man Kaitlyn is referring to. As fans await further updates, the clues she has provided certainly point in that direction.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Source: Let’s Be Honest Podcast