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Kakegurui Season 3 – Here’s what we know 

Kakegurui Season 3

Kakegurui is well-known anime that can be easily watched on Netflix, and the anime revolves around the life of students at Hyakkou Private Academy, which is an elite institute. The interesting fact about this institute is that instead of teaching students and raking them based on their academic performance, they encourage the kids to gamble. 

The anime was released in 2017 and has been one of the most-watched anime since then. The anime has completed two seasons and looks forward to its third season on Netflix. 

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the third season and much more related to anime. So keep on reading!

A little About Kakegurui And Its Seasons

The anime shows how the students in the institute are encouraged to strengthen their gambling skills. The players who are not refined are humiliated and stay the same until the exchange student, Yumeko Jabami, enters the institute, who is also a compulsive gambler. 

About The First Season

The series has two seasons, and twelve episodes did until now. The first season revolves around Yumeko as she enters the institute and quickly gets stuck in the world of gambling. The twelve episodes show Yumeko and worrisome Ryota working together to win different gambling matches with various members of the student council until they finally have to face the President. 

The episodes are still well-planned and keep your hook up despite the predictable pattern of the story. But as the episodes continue, one can feel a lot of repetitiveness, and some new games are thrown in to show a difference. 

There could be a few directions where they could have taken the narrative, such as the dangers of gambling, debt, and the possibility of addiction. Still, they never mentioned these in the series—the first season ended with a match between Yumeko and the President of Tarot Cards of Fate. The loser had to leave the institute permanently. Unfortunately, the creators ended the season with a tie. 

The Second Season Begins!

The second season came back with a bang. The second season’s first episode had a spark that was lost by the end of the first season, and viewers loved the new side shown in the second season. 

In the second season, they had new tricks, games, and twists with much bigger stakes. Elections are happening for the student council president, and also new characters are bought in the institute. 

The second season also had twelve episodes with a better storyline and exciting moments as the elections and new students were bought, which welcomed new storylines and games. 

What About The Third Season Now?

Now comes the main topic that has been going around. What is going on with the third season of Kakegurui? Is it happening, or was season second the end of Kakegurui?

The anime was originally released in 2017 and aired on Netflix in 2018. The second season came in 2019, so season three must have been circulated by 2020. But it’s been 2023, and the third season of Kakegurui still needs to be released. So what is going on?

For the fans of Kakegurui, this is a piece of sad news, but there is no confirmation of Kakegurui season coming back for a third season. Neither Netflix nor the anime studio Mappa have made an official announcement of Kakegurui coming back with another season.

Kakegurui is based on a Japanese manga series that has almost 82 chapters. Though there is a difference between manga and anime, if we look at the storyline, there is still enough to make another season. 

Both seasons ended with an independent ending, which stated that another season wouldn’t be made, and if that was the case, then another season could be released. Kakegurui’s production Mappa is also focusing on anime series like Chainsaw Man and has their focus on other series. 

The popularity of the series is also still being determined. Netflix does not release the views the shows get, and there can be a possibility that the anime is not that popular. The renewal of a show or series also depends on its popularity, and there is a high chance that the anime is not being renewed because it is not that popular. 

What To Expect From Season 3?

Here are some things that we can expect from season three if it ever is made. Sometimes manga is different from anime, which makes it hard to understand what comes next.

The same goes for Kakegurui, as the anime is different from the manga, and a few main characters that played a significant role in the manga are not even included in the anime. 

So if the second season were the end season, then the characters would not be included. If the third season is introduced, then we can expect some characters that are significant in the manga to be introduced in the anime. 

There is also a possibility that the next season will cover more about the side characters that were neglected in the first two seasons. Also, the first two seasons did not cover any other concept other than a few tricks, games, and prices. 

In short, the two seasons were good, but a lot can be explored in the third season. If the third season is renewed, then the anime could be taken to another level. 

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