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Kamala Harris Comments on Kendrick-Drake Feud at BET Awards

Vice President Kamala Harris sparked attention with a fiery reference to the Kendrick Lamar-Drake beef at the 2024 BET Awards on Sunday night.

Harris appeared in a pre-taped skit during the awards show alongside the host, actor Taraji P. Henson. In the skit, the vice president and Henson discussed the upcoming presidential election via a video call.

Expressing concerns about reproductive health access and potential Supreme Court vacancies, Henson prompted Harris to share what she has been hearing from people across the country.

“Yeah, girl, I’m out here in these streets, and let me tell you — you’re right, Taraji, there is so much at stake in this moment,” Harris responded. “The majority of us believe in freedom and equality.”

Emphasizing the critical nature of current issues, Harris continued, “But these extremists, as they say — they ‘not like us.’” This was Harris’ take on Lamar’s new song, “Not Like Us,” which emerged from his well-publicized rap feud with Drake.

Later in the skit, Harris accused Republicans of wanting to reverse progress and urged people to register to vote. Her comments underscored the urgency she sees in the upcoming election.

The Kendrick Lamar-Drake feud, which has captured the fascination of hip-hop fans, has seen both artists making serious claims against each other through their music.

Just last month, Lamar released “Not Like Us,” marking his fourth diss track in the ongoing rivalry. Drake tried to counter with “The Heart Pt. 6,” but his response was overshadowed by a major Juneteenth concert hosted by Lamar. During the livestreamed event in Los Angeles, Lamar performed “Not Like Us” five times consecutively.

Henson also paid tribute to Lamar’s “Not Like Us” during the BET Awards by dressing as the rapper and performing her own version of the song to open the show.

Source: HuffPost