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Kamala Harris Pays Tribute to AKA Sorority in Pink Suit & Pearls in Dallas

Vice President Kamala Harris showcased a meaningful sartorial statement during her address in Dallas on Wednesday. Speaking to an audience of roughly 20,000 Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority members, Harris took the opportunity to pay homage to her sorority, ahead of the upcoming November presidential election.

For the occasion, Harris donned a salmon pink suit, featuring a double-breasted blazer, off-white blouse underneath, and tailored trousers. This particular shade of salmon pink was not chosen arbitrarily; it echoed the colors of her sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha, whose hues are apple green and salmon pink.

Alongside her suit, Harris added another layer of significance with her jewelry. She wore a necklace of two strands of pearls and a pair of pearl stud earrings, both of which nod to the sorority’s founders. Pearls hold a special place in the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority’s history and symbolism.

The audience of 20,000 sorority members included many women who also embraced the Alpha Kappa Alpha colors. Variations of pink and green were common among the crowd, adding to the visual harmony of the event. The Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center itself was adorned with decorations in shades of pink and green.

Harris has a longstanding connection with Alpha Kappa Alpha, having been a member during her undergraduate years at Howard University. Over the years, she has continued to pay subtle tributes to her sorority, often seen wearing pearls as a signature accessory.

The choice of a suit for such a significant event aligns with Harris’ consistent sartorial style. Known for donning suits during speaking engagements, she opts for these ensembles particularly during campaign events.

Throughout her political career, the power suit has been Harris’ go-to sartorial statement. Whether delivering a keynote address or attending a campaign rally, the vice president has maintained this style, which underscores her professional demeanor and connection to her supporters.

While Harris has occasionally chosen dresses designed by Monique Lhuillier, the power suit remains her preferred attire. As the 2024 presidential campaign progresses, it is likely that Harris will continue to favor this classic style.

In essence, Harris’ appearance at the event was more than a political rally; it was a demonstration of unity and pride. The visual elements of her outfit reinforced her connection to the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority and resonated with the audience in attendance.

Source: WWD