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Kanopy Reveals Top 10 Most-Watched Films of 2024

Kanopy Reveals Top 10 Most-Watched Films of 2024

Kanopy, the no-fee, ad-free movie streaming service available through local libraries, colleges, universities, and other institutions, has released its list of the Most-Watched Films of 2024 Midyear in the United States. Topping the list is the Celine Song-directed Oscar nominee “Past Lives” from 2023. Following closely is the 2023 film “Jules,” starring Ben Kingsley, and in third place is “Golda” (also from 2023), featuring Helen Mirren as Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir.

In an interesting trend, eight out of the top ten most-streamed films of 2024 were released in 2023. The list is as follows:

4. “The Royal Hotel” (2023)

5. “Punch-Drunk Love” (2002)

6. “Sometimes I Think About Dying” (2023)

7. “BlackBerry” (2023)

8. “Talk to Me” (2023)

9. “She Came to Me” (2023)

10. “Dial M for Murder” (1954)

It’s noteworthy that while most of the films in the top ten were recent releases, two are significantly older. “Punch-Drunk Love” from 2002 and “Dial M for Murder” from 1954 demonstrate a wide range of viewer interests, underscoring Kanopy’s diverse catalog of classic and contemporary films.

Kanopy’s service is praised for offering a diverse selection of films, documentaries, and educational videos without the burden of subscriptions or advertisements. This accessibility, combined with the platform’s extensive library, makes it a popular choice for movie lovers who seek both modern blockbusters and timeless classics.

As we look at the top three: “Past Lives” has garnered widespread acclaim for its storytelling and direction. Directed by Celine Song, the film’s resonance with audiences is evident in its top position. “Jules,” starring the ever-talented Ben Kingsley, has captivated viewers with its unique narrative. Meanwhile, “Golda” offers a compelling portrayal of Golda Meir with Helen Mirren’s powerful performance contributing to its high ranking.

The inclusion of “The Royal Hotel” further highlights the current trend of 2023 releases dominating viewer preferences on Kanopy. This pattern showcases how recent films have successfully captured audience interest, perhaps due to their relevance and fresh content.

On the other hand, the presence of “Punch-Drunk Love” and “Dial M for Murder” reveals a nostalgia and enduring fascination with older films. “Punch-Drunk Love,” with its unconventional romantic comedy veneer, continues to attract viewers more than two decades after its release. Hitchcock’s classic “Dial M for Murder” proves that a well-crafted thriller can stand the test of time and continue to find new audiences even in the streaming era.

Kanopy’s unique model of providing high-quality content through educational and library-affiliated channels sets it apart from conventional streaming services. This approach not only supports public access to media but also encourages educational institutions to broaden their resources with valuable audiovisual material.

The announcement of Kanopy’s most-watched films offers insights into the viewing habits and preferences of its users, reaffirming the service’s role in connecting diverse audiences with a broad spectrum of film genres and eras.

Source: Gold Derby