Karen Schwarz returned to “Mujeres Al Mando” to replace Maricarmen Marín for a week | VIDEO

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Maricarmen Marín surprised everyone this Monday morning by not appearing live in “Women In Command”; However, he did introduce himself through a video call and explained the reason for his absence.

“They have been asking me a lot why I am not in the program, ‘What happened Mari? When are you coming back?’. Thank you all very much for your concern ”, The singer initially indicated that she is almost 24 weeks pregnant.

“I am very well, I tell you that although I do not have that belly as I would like, giant, because My baby does not want to show yet she has a super weight and a super size ”, added.

The former member of Agua Bella explained that they sent her to do several tests to rule out that she could have any disease typical of pregnancy and his doctor recommended rest until the results were in.

“Most likely I will be with you next week.”, indicated and added: “Today in the program we have a super surprise that will accompany you throughout this week and I am sure you are going to love it.”

After revealing some clues, The ‘Sweet little princess’ announced that it would be Karen Schwarz who would come to replace her in the magazine who leads alongside Thaís Casalino, Giovanna Valcárcel and Karla Tarazona.

“This is the most important announcement. We start the week and all these mornings a beautiful, talented, wonderful woman will accompany you … Our dear Karen Schwarz “, she said excitedly.

After making his entry, Ezio Oliva’s wife said: “Hello how are you! To the entire ‘Mujeres Al Mando’ team thanks for welcoming me. It’s going to be a super nice week ”.

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“I’m going to be here accompanying you for a week, but Mari is your place, this is your space, and the most important thing is that your beautiful baby is fine as it is. We are here to support each other (…) I promise you that this week will be a lot of fun ”, said.

At his words, Maricarmen Marín replied: “I send you millions of kisses Karencita. This is your usual program (…) All the successes in the world family, have a good time, have fun I will return next week recharged with my baby (…) I love you and I miss you ”.

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