Karen Schwarz shares a powerful message about self-love: “You are more than a photo” – El Comercio

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The television host, Karen Black, used his social networks to share a photograph of him in which he shows his body with stretch marks. In addition, he took the opportunity to reflect with his followers on physical beauty.

Through her official Instagram account, the host shared an emotional message dedicated to her followers, whom she invited to love each other as they are. In the postcard, Schwarz shows a part of his hip with stretch marks.

“You are more than a photo, you are more than that ‘stupid perfection’ you always hear about, you are more than you can imagine”Schwarz wrote as a caption for his photo on Instagram.

“She is me, with a line more or less than you, with cellulite, stretch marks, scars, it was a process to understand it, but when you have it clear, no more covers”added the presenter of the program “Women in command.”

As expected, the message of endorsement from his staunch followers came immediately. “You are already perfect”, “excellent message”, “I have more lines, but I feel very beautiful”, “you are a wonderful human being”, were messages from his fans.

The television host, Karen Schwarz, is very active on her social networks, where on Instagram alone she has more than 3.5 million followers, who comment and like each post in their daily life.

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