Karlos Arguiñano heads the ranking of the best valued chefs in Spain

One of the topics that has had the greatest boom in recent years has been, without a doubt, gastronomy. Spanish cuisine has always been known for its good quality, but in recent times there are many prominent figures within the national gastronomy environment that have become especially relevant at the international level. Gone is the time when el recently renovated Zalacaín was the only restaurant in the Spanish capital to have three Michelin stars and more and more names are exporting our fantastic cuisine beyond the seas, not to mention the spaces that this topic occupies on television, with formats such as MasterChef in all its versions.

According to a recent study by the consultancy Personality Media, with regard to best known chefs, fundamentally most of them are those found on television. This means that they get the media to echo their professional activity and, therefore, reach a larger part of the public. However, being known has nothing to do, necessarily, with being admired or having a good image. And the reality is that our national cuisine is full of names that, for the greatest lovers of the gastronomic environment, may be more common, but are practically unknown to ordinary mortals.

In the Image study by Personality Media, more than 70 chefs have been analyzed and although among these 70 there is no shortage of the select group awarded with Michelin Stars and other culinary distinctions, only 16 of these 70 chefs are known by more than 50% of the Spanish. The reality is that the recognitions that are obtained between the stoves do not always arouse enough interest for the media to echo them and, therefore, reach the majority of the public. It is their participation in different media spaces that makes chefs become stars. These 16 best-known chefs are part of the group of regulars in the media, especially on television.

Inside of the study that Personality Media carried out every six months, up to 18 image attributes are analyzed in these figures, being able to discover and differentiate those who really are the most empathetic, professional, leaders, family members, or those who have a better overall assessment.

Karlos Arguiñano is not only the one who receives the highest average score in general evaluation (7.5), but he is also the best known chef in our country, to the point of reaching an overwhelming figure as 97% of knowledge in the market. More than a decade at the helm of a daily space with a simple and endearing format are the keys to its success.

Karlos Arguiñano at the presentation of the new season of Antena3 / Gtres
Karlos Arguiñano in an act in Madrid / Gtres

Behind him is José Andrés, but more than for his role as a chef, for his work at the head of the NGO World Central Kitchen, which has earned him the Princess of Asturias Award for Concord in the latest edition. With a knowledge of 70%, it ranks second with an overall rating of 7.4 on average.

Princess of Asturias Awards
José Andrés in a file image / Gtres

After the two of them, another great chef, Martín Berasategui, whom consumers have had the opportunity to learn more about thanks to his appearances on the small screen. Berasategui His knowledge has increased over the years to 78% of Spaniards and with an excellent 7.3 overall assessment. They follow him very closely Juan María Arzak and Joan Roca, the visible face of the Roca Brothers, who close this top 5 of most valued chefs, with 7.2 and 7.1 respectively.

Martín Berasategui in a file image / Gtres

In addition to the general assessment, chefs build and enhance their image around other values, such as Arguiñano, who also stands out in other image attributes such as friendliness and naturalness; José Andrés, in confidence and professionalism or Dabiz Muñoz, with a more modern and less close image.

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