Karol Sevilla and Emilio Osorio confirm their romance in this sweet way

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Karol Sevilla Y Emilio Osorio They decided that it is finally time for the world to know their love.

The Mexican stars worked a few months ago on the duet Chorus of Love. The chemistry they showed in the video clip and some Instagram posts sparked the rumors.

For those who intuited that there was love there, confirmation came on the night of Wednesday, July 28 …

Check them out in the video above!

Through social networks, the brides had been giving signs that something was happening between them. Likes, comments and hints of love.

In the middle of promoting her new song, No One Understands You, the Soy Luna star confessed that she was in love, although she did not reveal the identity of her boyfriend

“People know what they see, I found a partner and a real person whom they trusted a lot and missed, because we had stopped talking for a long time, and people will know what’s up, what is known is not asked”


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