“Karyme Lozano Struggles to Overcome Trauma of Harassment Before Retirement”

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Karyme Lozano’s Alleged Harassment Experience in the Mexican Telenovela Industry

Karyme Lozano, a Mexican actress, recently returned to telenovelas in Mexico after an absence of almost a decade from the small screen. While her return was attributed to several reasons such as her father’s death in 2009 and her desire to align her next project with her spiritual awakening, an alleged case of harassment also played a part in her decision to move away from acting.

According to Lozano, she experienced bullying from her co-star Cristian de la Fuente during their work together in the telenovela I Want to Love You back in 2013. This experience left her feeling introverted and deeply affected her mental health.

Lozano also claimed that de la Fuente started a campaign against her, attempting to discredit her as a bad actress, especially when it came to romantic scenes. She refused these scenes, and for these, a body double was used instead of her. Lozano’s rejection of doing intimate scenes with him was due to her fear of possible sexual harassment from de la Fuente.

Lozano did not provide specifics of her harassment experience as it remains a process of healing that needs to be understood in greater depth. Nonetheless, she was finally able to speak out about her experience despite struggling to fully articulate what happened to her during that filming.

The actress openly spoke out against harassment and bullying in the industry, stating that nobody had the right to disrespect or denigrate others. Her experience brought her closer to her faith and grounded her to avoid similar situations in the future.

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Whilst Lozano’s is not a regular occurrence in the Mexican film industry, it highlights the problem of harassment and how it can affect all types of individuals, including those in the public eye. It’s important to support and encourage people to speak out about their experiences to help change cultural attitudes towards harassment in the industry.

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