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Kate Beckinsale Responds to Critics Saying She Should Act Her Age

Kate Beckinsale has a message for her critics.

The actress, 50, posted a video taken in the mirror to her Instagram grid on Monday, July 8, showing herself clad in a pink bikini bottom, matching off-the-shoulder crop top, and black platform boots that reached up almost to her knees.

Beckinsale also wore a black hairpiece adorned with an oversized bow. She explained in the video it was a hair net while noting how some people “get upset” and don’t think she’s “doing enough age-appropriate things.”

“I thought I’d let them kick off their week with a little stab of joy, of me putting on a hair net,” she said, adding later, “So for those of you who are gonna get off on this, have a look, bitches.”

“Let’s have a toast for the douche bags / Let’s have a toast for the a——- / Let’s have a toast for the scumbags 😘😘😘😘,” she captioned the clip.

The Underworld star also shared a closer look at the ensemble on her Instagram Stories, showing off the pink top featuring a hamster inside a heart over each breast.

“Sun’s out, hamsters out,” she captioned the sunny shot.

In recent years, Beckinsale has made oversized hair bows her trademark, despite criticism of the look. “Please take that ridiculous bow off,” one user commented on a carousel of videos shared last month, on June 17.

Beckinsale didn’t hold back in her reply, writing, “As I said before, take that expression off your bitter a– face. Unless you can’t. In which case, condolences.”

In response, a different user commented, “I am a happy person, and I still think the head dressing is a very poor choice.”

The Pearl Harbor star jumped into the conversation again. “You can’t be that happy if you have any time or inclination to actually type concerns about what someone you don’t know is wearing or not,” she wrote.

In response to another commenter who said the actress looked like “a toddler in a pageant,” she clapped back, “Lucky old me.”

Beckinsale, who was recently hospitalized for an undisclosed health issue, opened up in a since-deleted Instagram post about the “vicious” bullying she faces and her “severe anxiety” around aging.

“Whatever someone looks like, accusing them constantly of things they haven’t done, or being obsessed with youth when actually, currently I’m obsessed with surviving loss, is bullying,” she said, in part. “Please stop now.”

Source: People