Kate del Castillo confronts her sister’s bias against her tattoos

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Kate del Castillo and Her Love for Tattoos

Kate del Castillo, known for her role as ‘Teresa Mendoza’ in “La reina del sur,” has always been a fan of tattoos. However, this taste is not shared by many of her followers, including her sister, Verónica del Castillo, who has publicly reproached her for it.

“If God gave you a beautiful, leafy body, why do you dirty it?” Verónica questioned her sister, echoing the sentiments of some admirers who believe that at her age (she recently turned 50), Kate should not engage in such “foolish” actions that may adversely affect her appearance in the future. These comments can be found on Kate’s latest video on her Instagram account.

Kate has chosen to ignore the opinions of others regarding her body, but she hasn’t dismissed the concerns of her sister, who insists on knowing the reasoning behind Kate’s decision to get tattoos.

Love for Body Art

Kate openly admits her love for tattoos and describes them as body graffiti. She appreciates the aesthetic appeal and views tattoos as a form of artwork created by incredibly talented tattoo artists. However, she does have some limits when it comes to what she chooses to ink on her body.

According to Kate, tattoos should be a personal decision that holds meaning and does not remind one of anyone else. For instance, she had previously tattooed the Pi symbol to represent eternity during her marriage to Aaron Díaz. However, after their separation, she gradually covered it up. Other tattoos she has include the words “Love” and “Life” on her right hand, an arrow and feather on the inside of her left arm, and the word “freedom” in Arabic on her left foot.

One of the most prominent tattoos she has is a bouquet of flowers that starts on her left shoulder and extends to her back. She often showcases this tattoo during galas and awards ceremonies.

Tattoos and Career

Contrary to her sister’s concerns, Kate assures Veronica that having tattoos has not limited her career opportunities. While there may be some setbacks, such as the need for cover-ups during certain roles, she believes that tattoos do not define one’s ability to do any job. The only downside she has experienced is the additional time and effort involved in maintaining and covering up the tattoos.

Kate marks important moments in her life with tattoos, and she has not yet decided if she will ever stop getting them. During the promotion of the third season of “La reina del sur,” she got a tattoo on her foot to symbolize the completion of the series. She views the character of ‘Teresa Mendoza’ as someone she loves, cares for, protects, and celebrates.

So, it wouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, including her critics and sister, if Kate decides to get more tattoos in the future.

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