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Kate Martin's Girlfriend: Claire Gransee's Instagram & Relationship History

Kate Martin’s Girlfriend: Claire Gransee’s Instagram & Relationship History

Las Vegas Aces’ Kate Martin has quickly risen to prominence as one of the most promising basketball stars. Since joining the WNBA, fans have been curious about her personal life, particularly her romantic entanglements.

So, let’s find out who is Kate Martin’s girlfriend and delve deep into their relationship history.

Kate Martin is reportedly dating Claire Gransee.

According to The Spun, fans believe that Martin has recently soft-launched her girlfriend Claire Gransee with an Instagram story. Although Martin did not explicitly confirm the rumors, her comment suggests that they are dating.

Claire Gransee’s age is not known.

Her LinkedIn profile reveals that she graduated with distinction from The University of Iowa in May 2024. She earned a major in Communication Studies and pursued minors in both Law and Media Literacy.

Gransee’s Instagram account boasts a following of over 14k. However, she doesn’t seem very active on the social media platform.

According to The Spun, Martin recently ignited relationship speculation after sharing an Instagram story with a blonde woman and captioning it, “switched coasts for the weekend.”

A fan on TikTok reshared the image, identifying the woman as Claire Gransee, a former University of Iowa student. The fan also wrote, “I can’t even be upset if that’s Kate Martin’s girlfriend because she is LITERALLY GORGEOUS STUNNING PERFECT.” The athlete responded to the TikTok post, saying, “She is gorgeous, stunning & perfect, I can’t lie.”

While this comment didn’t confirm Gransee as her girlfriend, it fueled rumors and suggested a possible relationship.

Source: The Spun