“Kate Middleton stuns in gorgeous red asymmetrical guest dress update”

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The Coronation Weekend: A Royal Celebration

The coronation weekend reached its climax with a grand concert on Sunday held at the beautiful Windsor Castle. The event was graced by some of the greatest artists such as Katy Perry and Take That, while the Kings Carlos III and Camilla chaired the occasion. The concert saw the attendance of Prince William, Princess Kate, and their children, along with Eugenia de York.

Kate Middleton’s Fashion Statement at the Concert

Princess Kate made headlines with her choice of clothing at the coronation concert. The Duchess of Cambridge looked stunning in a red two-piece suit signed by Alexander McQueen, the same designer who made her dress for the coronation ceremony. Kate’s look reaffirms the timelessness of red in a spring look and also updates the most classic silhouettes with its asymmetrical cross closure blazer. She completed her outfit with matching long earrings and a white mother-of-pearl and yellow gold pendant necklace from Van Cleef & Arpels, which she previously wore to the BAFTAs in 2021.

The Princess of Wales’ Historical Dress and 105 Diamond Necklace

Kate Middleton wasn’t the only one making a fashion statement at the concert. Princess Diana’s silver embroidered dress with a 105 diamond necklace turned heads and made history once again. The timeless red color of her spring look has once again been emphasized, and the dress updated in the most elegant way possible.

Kate Middleton’s Relaxed Look at the Big Lunch

The day prior to the coronation concert, the Royals attended the Big Lunch event, which was held in the streets of London. Kate came dressed in a more casual look, wearing a blue linen jacket and slippers, showing us how we can style our clothing for the most relaxed events as well.

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Bags with Original Shapes and Earrings Historical- The Most Spectacular Accessories and Jewels of the Coronation

The coronation weekend saw not only spectacular fashion choices but also some stunning accessories and jewelry. From bags with original shapes to historical earrings, the Royals flaunted some of the most beautiful pieces that complemented their outfits perfectly.

Louise Windsor’s Floral Design Inspired by the ‘Glamour’ of the 70s

Completing the fashion display at the coronation concert was Louise Windsor’s stunning floral design inspired by the ‘glamour’ of the 70s. The Royals showed us their elegance and style and proved that the right clothing and accessories can make all the difference.

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