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Kate Middleton’s Longtime Stylist: Who Is She?

Kate Middleton’s Longtime Stylist: Who Is She?

Natasha Archer plays a pivotal role in preparing the Princess of Wales for her public appearances, ensuring she looks impeccable before, during, and after significant milestones and celebratory moments.

Archer was one of the earliest visitors to the Princess of Wales after the birth of her third child, Louis, in 2018. The Standard reports that Archer’s departure from the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital, a facility renowned for its private and high-profile maternity care since the 1930s, signaled that the Princess of Wales, formerly known as the Duchess of Cambridge, was getting ready to make her first public appearance post-birth. However, this wasn’t the first occasion where Archer was present for a royal baby’s arrival.

In 2013, Archer was also responsible for styling the Princess of Wales following the birth of her first son, George. According to The Standard, she was among the first non-royals to visit the former duchess in the Lindo Wing at that time. This aligns with Archer’s consistent presence at major events, showcasing her hands-on approach as a stylist, often seen carrying garment bags and luggage.

Source: The Standard