Kate Walsh returns to Grey’s Anatomy and opens the door for the return of fan-favorite characters

Kate Walsh returns to Grey's Anatomy and opens the door for the return of fan-favorite characters

Kate Walsh debuted as Addison Montgomery on Grey’s Anatomy at the end of the first season in 2005 and later he went on to star in his own spin off of the historic show: Private Practice. The actress will return for the show’s 18th batch of episodes with an arc within the plot of the hit medical drama. Executives of the chain confirmed this return, without adding much more information about it. Kate took advantage of her social networks to share a video previewing her new participation.

Addison She went from being a recurring character to becoming one of the protagonists of the show and after the third season those responsible for the program decided to send her to Los Angeles, where Walsh starred Private Practice. Addison shares an important story with many of the characters who will say present in the eighteenth installment of Grey’s Anatomy.

What characters could return to Grey’s Anatomy?

Meanwhile, fans of the historic medical drama call for the return of some characters. Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw) is one of those cases. She was a character who spread love and joy wherever she went. Many fans hope to see her again with her son, who would also remember another beloved doctor: the late doctor. Mark Sloan.

Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) is another one of those doctors who conquered the hearts of the audience of the hit show. Of course, at first the arrogant attitude of the character made him unlovable. Even quite obnoxious. But over time, he managed to earn a place as one of the public’s darlings. Return?

There is also the possibility of the return of Tom Koracick (Gregory Germann). A curious case, that of this character, who with his dry humor and traumatic past managed to make himself the favoritism of an audience that is difficult to conquer. He is pure sarcasm, but ultimately, everyone recognizes that he owns something very important: a good heart.

Finally, everyone wants to see Sandra Oh come back as Cristina Yang |, one of the favorite characters in the history of the show and who maintained a relationship of trust with Meredith Grey. Competitive, ambitious and smart, she made her mark on the show. The actress won many awards for this performance. The eighteenth season, unfortunately, will not have it.

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