Kathy Griffin’s victorious cancer fight concludes with vocal cord surgery

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Kathy Griffin Undergoes Vocal Cord Surgery: Emerges Stronger and Cancer-Free

Kathy Griffin is one of the most popular actresses and comedians in the entertainment industry. The 62-year-old performer recently had to undergo a vocal cord surgery, marking the last step in her long recovery process after being diagnosed with lung cancer in 2021. The surgery was a complete success, and Griffin took to her TikTok account to confirm that she was cancer-free.

Griffin’s stay in the hospital, as well as her recovery process, were documented in a video she shared. In the video, Griffin can be seen smiling and expressing her gratitude for the successful operation “This was part of my recovery, after my experience with lung cancer. I am cancer-free,” said the performer excitedly.

The celebrity comedian has also announced that she will soon be returning to the stage. Her new show will kick off on June 17 at the Mirage Theater in Las Vegas. Fans are eagerly anticipating her grand return.

Recalling Griffin’s Battle with Cancer

Two years ago, Griffin announced on Instagram that she was battling lung cancer. She underwent the removal of her left lung, which turned out to be much tougher than she had anticipated. “To be honest, the operation made me realize that this was much bigger than what I had anticipated,” she had said.

Griffin had also developed a dependency on opiates and admitted that she had given them up forever. “Now I know that I can live without those pills from the devil. Those drugs and that addiction scare me more than cancer,” she confessed.

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Griffin Emerges Stronger Than Ever

Kathy Griffin’s cancer battle and her resulting vocal cord surgery have been challenging, but the performer has emerged stronger than ever. Her determination to beat cancer and her positive attitude throughout her recovery process have been an inspiration to her fans globally. Griffin has the love and support of her fans, and they can’t wait to welcome her back to the stage with open arms.

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