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Katie Holmes Breaks Silence on Social Media, Shares New Personal Photos

Katie Holmes Breaks Silence on Social Media, Shares New Personal Photos

Katie Holmes rarely shares glimpses of her life on social media, maintaining a reputation for being notably private. However, over the weekend, she broke this norm for a special occasion.

The Dawson’s Creek star spent the week in Paris for Fashion Week while her daughter Suri Cruise, 18, remained in New York City. Holmes offered a peek into her Parisian adventures through two new photo series.

In the photos, Katie seemed to enjoy her time immensely in the French capital, indulging in fashion shows, exquisite food, and stylish outfits. Her trip was in collaboration with luxury fashion brand Patou, and she wore pieces from their latest collection throughout the week.

Holmes has a prominent interest in fashion. Just weeks ago, she launched a collaboration with APC Paris in New York City, teaming up with her mother, Kathleen Holmes. Kathleen, a skilled quilter, designed a special quilt for the collection.

Katie Holmes shared several personal photos from her time in Paris

Kathleen had her own drapery business for many years and significantly influenced Katie’s love for fashion, a passion that has now been passed down to her daughter Suri.

Katie included pictures of the tasty food she ate in the French capital

In an interview with InStyle about her mom, the actress said proudly, “My mother had a very successful drapery business, but when I was born, she gave it up. But my mom is an incredible quilter, and one of my sisters is an art teacher, so I grew up with that.”

Katie looking at Patou’s latest collection

She also gave insight into Suri’s involvement in crafts, stating, “I’ve always wanted Suri to feel empowered in that way too. I remember asking her what kind of party she wanted for her fourth or fifth birthday, and she said a fairy party. So we went to the fabric store and picked out everything we needed for fairies. I wanted her to create things instead of having stuff done for her. That way she was always in charge.”

The Dawson’s Creek star shared several artsy shots from Paris

Katie is likely preparing for a bittersweet change in her personal life. In August, Suri will be heading to college, having been accepted into the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The university, established in 1900, is a renowned private research institution. Suri is expected to join the School of Design, which caters to students with interests ranging from graphic design to fashion design.

Like her mother, Suri is also interested in the performing arts and is an exceptionally talented singer and actress. She recently graduated from LaGuardia High School, where she participated in various school productions, notably playing Morticia Addams in The Addams Family.

Katie’s daughter Suri Cruise is going to Carnegie Mellon University at the end of the summer

Suri was also heard singing in her mom’s film, Better Together, in 2022, performing a rendition of Blue Moon. Katie has primarily raised Suri alone in New York City following her divorce from Tom Cruise in 2012.

Katie has raised Suri in New York City

It’s believed that Suri does not have any relationship with her estranged father. She has noticeably dropped his surname, opting to go by Suri Noelle, which nods to Katie, whose middle name is Noelle.

Talking about raising her daughter in New York City, Katie previously told InStyle, “The city has a lot to offer, and I use it. Yes, it’s a little too exposed at times, and we work hard to maneuver and navigate. But what I love about New York is that for me and my child, this is our vibe. When there are 25 things to do every night, it takes you out of your own thing.”

She added, “And you know what else I discovered? There’s a place not far from my house that does foot massages until midnight. That’s what New York offers!”

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