Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom take couple pranks to another level

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Katy Perry

Since they started dating several years ago, Katy Perry Y Orlando Bloom they won the hearts of the fans thanks to the complicity between them and how good they look together. Last year they became parents to a little baby whom they named Daisy Dove and have been busy caring for them ever since, in addition, although it is common to see them doing jokes between them, Recently they took them to another level.

It all started when Katy Perry took his Instagram account to share the result of the latest photoshoot for a famous magazine. The result? a completely enviable figure, accompanied by styling of the best kind. The singer was encouraged to ask fans which one she looked better with, but it was her husband who answered.

Clearly on what was an innocent joke, Orlando Bloom let it be known with a bit of irony that he was not ready for the trivia of Katy Perry. “Love, can I have a coffee? That jetlag didn’t do me much good, ”the British actor replied to the singer’s question about which option was best for him and obviously sparked comments from fans.

Be that as it may, the followers of Katy Perry They know what kind of relationship there is between them and the degree of confidence to be able to make such jokes. But clearly, it caused many to relate to the jokes that actor Ryan Reynolds and his wife, television star Blake Lively, often make.

On the other hand, in early May Katy Perry I appreciated her great journey in the world of motherhood. “I found everything I was always looking for when I became a mother,” was the message that Katy Perry left on her Twitter account a few days ago when Mother’s Day was celebrated in the United States. Last year around this time she celebrated it dressed as a cute little elephant.


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