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Katy Perry Drops Risqué Teaser for New Single ‘Woman’s World’

Katy Perry’s shared a teaser video for her upcoming pop anthem, “Woman’s World,” giving fans a tantalizing glimpse of the project while emphasizing female empowerment.

In the video, Katy reimagines the iconic Rosie the Riveter, adding a glamorous twist. She dons a red headband reminiscent of Rosie’s, but replaces the traditional overalls with a dazzling, revealing American flag bikini top.

The song’s lyrics celebrate women’s achievements and the joy of living in a “Woman’s World.” However, the video amplifies this message with extensive displays of sensuality.

The brief 15-second teaser features close-up shots and seductive dance moves, promising an even more provocative full video release on July 11.

Katy has been actively promoting her new single, positioning it as an anthem of female empowerment. However, the collaboration with Dr. Luke has sparked controversy due to the sexual misconduct allegations made by Kesha against him.

Katy was recently seen avoiding questions about her decision to work with Dr. Luke while in Paris. Meanwhile, Kesha seemingly responded by wearing a shirt with “LOL” during a gas station photo shoot, creating a stir in the media.

Women empowering women, indeed!

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