“Katy Perry Takes on Selfies and Video Calls Ahead of Coronation Debut”

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Katy Perry steals the show at Carlos III’s coronation

Carlos III’s coronation could be dubbed as a coronation 2.0. With mobile phones taking center stage, guests took advantage of them to capture the best moments of the event. Katy Perry, in particular, made a strong impression during the ceremony.

The Superstar of Carlos III’s Coronation

Katy Perry, who arrived with Vogue UK Editor-in-Chief, Edward Enninful, donned a striking lilac ensemble with a unique fishnet headdress. Her look immediately made a buzz among the guests and she even indulged her admirers with selfies. Perry became the talk of the town throughout the ceremony.

From Fumbling for Her Seat to Her Slippery Heels: Katy Perry’s Anecdotes at the Coronation

Despite her superstar status, Katy Perry fumbled for her seat during the ceremony and became lost. The video of that moment went viral on social media. Perry was also overjoyed to be part of the historic day and even made a live video call during the event. While capturing the moments on her phone, Perry’s heels almost caused her to take a tumble.

Katy’s Excitement for the Celebrations

Katy Perry is excited for the rest of the celebrations to come. She is set to perform at a concert in Windsor and has revealed her honor to be part of the event. Perry also shared one of the “gifts” she was given, the opportunity to stay in Windsor.

Katy Perry has definitely stolen the show during Carlos III’s coronation. Her fashion statement, enthusiasm, and anecdotes have made her one of the most talked-about guests in the event.

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