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Katy Perry Teases Doechii, 21 Savage Features on New Album ‘143’

Katy Perry recently announced her sixth studio album, “143,” and went live on social media to share snippets from the upcoming record.

The album is set to release on September 20 and is described by Perry as a dance album, a project she’s “always wanted to make.” During an Instagram Live session, Perry mentioned, “I’ve been talking about [doing] two albums the past eight years and that’s a dance album and an acoustic album. I haven’t yet made the acoustic album. Well, we never stop writing. But I finally made the dance album, the album I always wanted to make.”

She emphasized the energetic nature of the record, stating, “This record is super high energy, it’s super summer, it’s very high BPM. We just had a family dance party to one of the songs, and it’s just full of so much joy, so much love, so much light.”

While signing vinyl inserts for “143,” Perry gave fans a preview of three songs from the album on her IG Live and TikTok Live sessions. One of the featured tracks is “I’m His He’s Mine” with Doechii, built around a sample of Crystal Waters’ 1991 hit “Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless).” She also played an upbeat song titled “Nirvana,” and another track “Gimme Gimme” featuring 21 Savage.

On TikTok, Perry said, “‘143’ is honestly a dance party. All fandoms, invited. And it’s high energy, lots of love, mostly lots of love and BPM, summer, sexy. And it’s for y’all.”

Last month, Perry teased this new era by announcing that the first single from the album, “Woman’s World,” would be released on July 11, accompanied by a music video. Although no tour has been announced yet, Perry mentioned during her TikTok session that she has cleared her schedule to be able to tour in the near future.

Source: Variety