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Katy Perry to Release ‘Woman’s World’ with Dr. Luke Collaboration

Katy Perry recently announced the release of her upcoming sixth album, which will feature the single “Woman’s World.” This song, which centers on female empowerment, was created in collaboration with Dr. Luke, a music producer who has been embroiled in legal controversies, notably with Kesha over rape allegations that began in 2014.

Perry’s song “Woman’s World” is set to be released at 7 p.m. on Thursday, September 20, as she revealed on Instagram. This single is a part of her latest album titled “143,” which is also set for a September 20 release. Fans have the option to pre-order the album.

The title “143” holds special meaning. According to a post by Pop Crave on X (formerly known as Twitter), “143” translates to “I love you.” In the ’90s, when pagers were a primary communication tool, “143” was often used as a shorthand way to convey “I love you,” referencing the number of letters in each word.

Dr. Luke, whose real name is Lukasz Sebastian Gottwald, has a complicated and controversial history in the music industry. He has been accused of sexually assaulting several celebrity women, most famously Kesha, who filed a lawsuit against him in 2014. Despite the controversy, Dr. Luke has a history of working with Perry on some of her biggest hits, including “California Gurls” and “I Kissed A Girl.”

The announcement of Perry’s collaboration with Dr. Luke on her new single has spurred reactions from fans on social media. TikTok user @aleszkof summarized the general sentiment, saying people are “furious” at Katy Perry. “She’s coming back to the music industry after years of not putting out any music, and the first song she decides to release is called ‘Woman’s World,’ produced by Dr. Luke,” the user commented. “He’s best known for allegedly (sexually assaulting) and harassing and emotionally abusing Kesha.”

Further criticism from fans revolves around the apparent contradiction in releasing a song centered on female empowerment while collaborating with someone publicly accused of sexually assaulting women. “With Katy Perry releasing her first single in years titled ‘Woman’s World’ about being a girl’s girl, why are you working with Dr. Luke who’s so publicly known for sexually assaulting women? Allegedly,” @aleszkof added.

In what some view as a response to Perry and Dr. Luke’s collaboration, Kesha released her own single, “Joyride,” on July 4. Some sources, including the Daily Mail, have speculated that this release might be part of an ongoing feud stemming from Perry’s choice to work with Dr. Luke again.

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