Keanu Reeves asked for only two autographs in his entire life, from whom?

By: Dan Cooper

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Keanu Reeves

The world is upside down with Keanu Reeves. He is one of the most famous movie stars and an actor most loved by all. Normally, that. as ‘usually goes in salary’, he is required to go to autograph fans and what they are not, but in this case, he has revealed the opposite. The actor himself has put himself on the other side. It was he who lost an autograph.

Reeves confessed in his interview with Stephen Colbert, he has only asked for the signature of two people in his entire career. But to whom?

The only two people Keanu Reeves has asked for an autograph from are musician Lou Reed (though the actor explained it wasn’t for him but for a friend), and comedian George Carlin.

The mind-blowing adventures of Bill and Ted (1989) and Bill and Ted’s Mind-Blowing Journey (1991) were the films in which Reeves coincided with George Carlin and therefore it was familiar to ask him for that small favor.

Carlin’s dedication, which Keanu Reeves believed was special just for him, was not. And it is that the comedian wrote him “Dear Keanu, F*** You” (Dear Keanu, that you ****), but years later he discovered that there were more people with such dedication, so it was not as personal as he had believed.