Keanu Reeves proves once again why everyone loves him

The reputation Keanu Reeves has earned over the years as one of the film industry’s most beloved and respected stars is more than deserved.

Last December, without going any further, the actor organized a trip to California so that all the professionals who had helped him reprise the role of Neo could accompany him in the premiere of The Matrix: Resurrections.

Chad Stahelski, who directed him in the John Wick franchise and has worked as his stunt double in the Wachowski sisters’ films, was part of this group and now wanted to make public the beautiful gesture that Keanu had to show how “incredibly generous” he can be.

“In tonight’s hearing, there will be a lot of people who helped him, from his martial arts trainers to jiu-jitsu coaches, and the hair and makeup team and the people in the action department. He made sure his friends and family are there. It’s an epic event,” Chad told The Hollywood Reporter.

Keanu didn’t just extend an invitation, but also paid out of his own pocket for a private jet, all the hotel rooms needed and tickets for the premiere, and even prepared a special lunch for after the event. True to his humble character, the only thing the actor said about it is that it was “wonderful” to be able to share that experience with his friends.

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