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Keith Sweat’s Net Worth: What Happened to the R&B Icon’s Fortune?

Keith Sweat

Keith Sweat is a famous American singer, songwriter, radio host, author, and record producer. He has released thirteen albums and has gained a lot of fame during his time in the industry. 

But, unlike any other, Keith still needs to achieve the level of success you would expect him to know that he released thirteen albums and made some of the super hit songs. In this article, we will discuss what went wrong for Keith Sweat. 

So what are you waiting for? Read on and find out precisely what is going on in the life of superstar Keith Sweat.

Early Life of Keith Sweat

Keith Sweat’s name at the time of birth was Keith Douglas Sweat, born on July 22, 1961, in New York City. Keith’s mother, Juanita Thompson, was a hairdresser; his father, Charles Sweat, died in 1973. 

Keith Sweat had four siblings, and their mother took care of them. Keith Sweat worked at Macy’s while attending college and worked as a night stock boy. He used to spend his weekends working with a band named Jamilah. 

Later, he got a job in the mail room at Paine Webber firm and became a brokerage assistant at the New York Stock Exchange in four years. 

The career of Keith Sweat

The career of Keith Sweat started when he performed in Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey as the lead singer of Jamilah. 

In 1984, Keith decided to pursue his solo career and left the band. He recorded some songs with Stadium Records. 

The Back to Back Hits By Keith Sweat 

In 1987, Keith released his first album, “Make It Last Forever,” and signed with Vintertainment Records in November. The album reached number 15 in the top 100 Billboard and number 1 on the Top Hip-Hop Songs chart. The single “I Want Her” was at the top of the charts. 

Keith’s second album, “I’ll Give All My Love to You,” in 1990, was 2x Platinum. Then, the albums “Keep It Comin’” in 1991 and “Get Up on It” in 1994 were number 1 in the Top Hip-Hop Albums chart. Keith Sweat also established his band Silk and Kut Klose during this time. 

The most successful album of Keith’s career was in the year 1996, “Keith Sweat,” being the name of the album, was certified as 4x Platinum and number 1 on the Top Hip-Hop Albums chart and number 5 on the Billboard 200 chart. 

A Break From The Platinum

Keith Sweat’s sixth album was again Platinum, released in 1998, “Still In the Game” and “Didn’t See Me Coming” in 2000 went up to Gold. The following few albums did not reach Platinum or Gold but were famous nonetheless. 

“Just Me” in 2008, “Riding Solo” in the year 2010, “Till the Morning” released in 2011, and “Dress to Impress” in 2016 all reached the top 10 of the Top Hip-Hop Albums chart. In the year 2018, Keith’s album “Playing For Keeps” again picked up and caused him a lot of fame. 

Famous Collabs

He also released singles, “How Many Ways,” which features K-Ci, and “Boomerang,” which features Candace Price. Keith Sweat also released “Keith Sweat Live” and “Sweat Hotel Live” in the years 2003 and 2007 resp. Keith’s famous collaborations have been with Gerald Levert and Johnny Gill on “LSG2” and “Levert.Sweat.Gill” in 1997 and 2003. 

Sweat also performed several hits when he participated in a ‘Verzuz’ battle with Bobby Brown in July 2021. 

Personal Life of Keith Sweat

Keith has four children, three daughters, Keisha, Keia, and Amanya, and a son Joshua. The details of their mother are unknown. Keith Sweat married Lisa Wu in 1992 until they separated in 2002. They had two sons during the marriage, Jordan in 1995 and Justin in 1998. 

Only a little information is made public about Keith Sweat. He was in a relationship with Joanne Humphery and had several relationships over the years. 

Keith Sweat Net Worth 

Keith Sweat is an American R&B and soul singer, songwriter, record producer, and radio host and has a net worth of around $250 thousand as of 2023. He earned it through his albums and hit singles. Although, he lost a lot of his well-earned money related to financial issues. 

We will discuss these financial issues below. And we will understand how Keith Sweat lost his money and what problems he faced. 

The Financial Issues

Now comes a question that you must wonder. How did Keith Sweat find himself in financial issues if he was so famous? How can Keith find himself in debt when his albums had been doing so well? Let’s find out. 

The financial issues Keith had started in 2012. Keith Sweat was sued because he failed to pay for a house he bought in Detroit. He allegedly had defaulted a $450,000 mortgage, so the place was closed and later sold by the bank. 

After the house was sold, Keith still owed the bank more than $200,000. The mortgage company was awarded $253,000 for damages, sued Sweat’s wages, and garnished a lien on his other assets. 

Awards And Recognitions of Keith Sweat

Keith Sweat had four nominations for American Music Awards and won Favorite Soul/R&B Male Artist in 1997. He also received a Favorite Soul/R&B Album nomination in 1989 for “Make It Last Forever” and was nominated in 1991 and 1998. 

Keith Sweat also won a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Soul Train Awards in 2013. He also got eight Soul Train Award nominations, Urban Contemporary Single-Male in 1989 for “I Want Her,” Urban Contemporary Single-Male for “Make It Last Forever,” Album of the Year for “I’ll Give All My Love To You” in 1991, Soul Album of the Year-Male for “Get Up On It,” Soul single for “Twisted” and “My Body,” Soul Album for “Keith Sweat” and later in 1999 for “Levert.Keith.Gill”. 

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