Kelly Brook and Jeremy Parisi prove that love knows no language barriers

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Kelly Brook and Jeremy Parisi may not speak the same language, but that doesn’t stop their love. The TV presenter and model married Parisi, who is fluent in Italian and French, in 2022. While the language barrier originally concerned Brook, she now loves it.

In an interview with The Sun, Brook said, “English is his third language after French and Italian, so he uses abstract English.” Despite the initial uncertainty, Brook now finds the language barrier to be humorous and enjoyable. They may be a traditional couple, but the language difference adds an unconventional twist to their relationship.

Being married has definitely changed things for the couple. Now they think more as a team when it comes to making decisions about their future. As Brook told the British newspaper, “Everything has been combined more. Now we’re in it for the long haul. It’s not that I wasn’t before, but it feels more like, ‘Oh, we’re really doing this now.'”

Despite their different linguistic backgrounds, Brook and Parisi have found a perfect balance in their relationship. As Brook shared with The Mirror, “I’ve found someone who can keep up with me and the lifestyle that I love. It’s the combination of having a very exciting life but also having moments where it’s nice to stay home, watch Netflix and walk the dog. It’s striking that balance.”

Despite the language barrier, love truly knows no bounds for Kelly Brook and Jeremy Parisi.

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