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Kelly Monaco and Anthony Geary Reunite!
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Soap fans aren’t the only ones missing General Hospital icon Anthony Geary (ex-Luke) after the Emmy-winning actor retired to live in Amsterdam—his longtime co-stars do, too! Recently, Kelly Monaco (Sam) took some time off from the soap to visit the Netherlands and spend time with Geary.

“Visiting my dearest friend,” Monaco captioned a photo of herself with Geary, posing on a bridge over one of the numerous canals in Amsterdam. Geary’s partner, Claudio Gama, shared some videos featuring glimpses of Monaco’s trip. These included canal tours on their boat and moments like everyone watching the UEFA European Football Championship. In one clip from July 6, Monaco was seen cheering enthusiastically as the camera captured her excitement. Another video showcased a torrential summer rainstorm with Monaco capturing the severe weather on her phone.

Geary originally joined the cast of General Hospital (GH) in 1978 for a short-term run as Luke Spencer, but the character became so popular that he continued for years, exiting in 1984. In 1991, he returned to the soap as look-alike cousin Bill Eckert. However, Geary resumed playing Luke again in 1993. Before retiring in 2015, Geary had won a record eight Daytime Emmy Awards for Lead Actor.

Monaco made her daytime debut playing Livvie Locke on GH spinoff Port Charles in 2000. After the spinoff ended in 2003, she joined the main show as the character Sam McCall. She has earned two Daytime Emmy Award nominations, one for each soap.

It appears Geary and Gama will also be hosting a visit from Finola Hughes (Anna) soon. Hughes commented on a post featuring their cat to say, “See you in a couple weeks, Max.” On the video of the rainstorm, she assured them, “I have my raincoat!” Fans eagerly await photos of that reunion as well.

Source: Soaps In Depth