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Kelly Ripa Poses in Tiny Bikini for July Fourth Celebration Photo

Kelly Ripa Poses in Tiny Bikini for July Fourth Celebration Photo

Kelly Ripa took a nostalgic journey back to 1973 to celebrate Independence Day. The “Live with Kelly and Mark” star posted a collection of images on Instagram, showcasing moments from celebrations spanning from 1973 to 2024. The first two photos feature an adorable young Kelly with pigtails and 70s outfits, her signature smile already evident even back then.

Among the images, Kelly also included a captivating photo with her husband, Mark Consuelos. In the picture, she flaunts her toned physique in a tiny black bikini. Standing next to her equally fit husband, Kelly appears tanned and fantastic, receiving a forehead kiss from Mark. This photo was among several that highlighted their matching fitness levels.

The post didn’t just focus on their physiques. Kelly also shared images of delicious food from past Independence Day celebrations. These included fresh strawberries, an American flag-themed cake, and plates brimming with crab legs, corn, and new potatoes. The throwback photos and traditional dishes evoked warm wishes from fans, who hoped Kelly and her family would have a wonderful July 4th. Many also admired Kelly’s ability to stay in such remarkable shape.

Kelly’s dedication to her well-being is no secret. Her personal trainer, Anna Kaiser, has worked with her for 14 years and provides insights into Kelly’s fitness routine. Kelly usually works out six days a week, even when traveling. Kaiser shared that Kelly adapts to virtual workouts if needed. This consistency has been a part of Kelly’s life for over a decade, and she never cancels, regardless of how tired she might be.

Anna explained that Kelly’s commitment to these workouts is unyielding, whether she’s had no sleep or is feeling exhausted. Every day they decide on the routine based on how Kelly feels, ensuring she gets her workout in spite of any obstacles.

Diet-wise, Kelly is known for being disciplined about what she eats while allowing some room for indulgence. Anna noted that Kelly enjoys desserts and maintains a balanced approach to her diet. “She has a healthy diet but loves desserts,” Anna said. This balance was evident in the cake photo from the Fourth of July celebration.

Kelly’s workouts, guided by Anna, are diverse and energetic, often dance-based, which keeps them stimulating and effective. This variety helps Kelly manage stress, anxiety, and energy levels while also benefiting her skin tone, circulation, and overall longevity.

Kelly’s dedication to fitness and Anna’s dynamic workout routines ensure that Kelly remains both physically and mentally fit. This mutual commitment and the variety in her workouts are key factors in maintaining Kelly’s amazing physique and overall well-being.

Source: Instagram, HELLO! Magazine