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Kelly Ripa Slams ‘Monsters’ Over Appearance Rumors

Kelly Ripa is known for her authenticity and down-to-earth personality, which has garnered her a devoted fan base over the years. This week, the Live star cleared up rumors about her appearance, specifically addressing questions about whether she had lip fillers.

Ripa took to Instagram to unveil the secret behind her fuller lips, emphasizing that her look was simply due to clever makeup techniques. In the video footage she shared, she candidly explained to her followers: “No, I didn’t get lip fillers. This is the lip trick you monsters.”

Fans quickly responded to her honesty, with one commenting, “That’s amazing, I truly thought it was filler, which is fine, but this is a fantastic tip.” Another fan wrote, “Thank you so much!! I searched the internet for hours looking for this after you mentioned it on the show!” A third admirer said, “Love this! Thanks for sharing, Looks amazing!”

Ripa frequently shares her beauty tips both on social media and on her show, Live. She isn’t afraid to experiment with new trends and often becomes a topic of discussion for her willingness to be real with her audience.

For instance, in May, she boldly tried an unconventional beauty practice called “oil training.” She explained to her husband, Mark Consuelos, that she didn’t wash her hair for two weeks to allow her hair’s natural oils to condition it. “They call it oil-training your hair. Remember I did it on vacation? I took an entire vacation, two weeks, where I did not wash my hair. And I just applied oil to the ends of my hair,” she said.

Admittedly, Kelly found the initial stages challenging. “The first three days, your hair looks disgusting. But then, something happens, where it suddenly looks amazing. Like you’re in a Breck commercial. It’s bouncing and behaving, it’s settled into its dirtiness,” she shared.

The result was worth the effort for Kelly, who humorously described her hair as looking like a Westminster Dog. “It was like, giant hair. I went back to New Jersey in the ’80s. It was just like, cascading hair,” she joked.

When it comes to natural beauty, Kelly Ripa embraces it wholeheartedly. She has even considered letting her hair go gray. Speaking on Live, she told Mark, “My hair wants to be gray. I just don’t think, you know, you’ve seen my gray hair. It’s not like a gorgeous silver or a pretty white. It’s almost translucent in its quality, which I think is weird. It’s like colorless hair.”

Kelly Ripa has charmed her audience for over two decades as the host of Live, and her genuine personality continues to win her fans. Her willingness to be open about her beauty routines and experiments only endears her more to the millions who tune in to watch her every day.

Source: Hello Magazine