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Kelly Ripa’s Strapping Sons Showcase $27M Family Home in New Photo

Kelly Ripa’s Strapping Sons Showcase $27M Family Home in New Photo

Kelly Ripa recently experienced the joy of reunification with her sons, Michael and Joaquin, in their luxurious New York abode. Despite the slight inconvenience brought about by their presence, the reunion highlights the bond they share.

On Instagram, Kelly posted a humorous story featuring an array of shoes scattered across their welcome mat, accompanied by the song “The Boys are Back in Town.” The mess, filled with sneakers, sliders, snow boots, Doc Martens, and Vans, signifies her sons’ return. Although slightly exasperated by the clutter, Kelly couldn’t be happier to have her children back home in their $27 million townhouse.

Kelly and her husband, Mark, had just returned from a relaxing vacation in Geneva. Their trip was made special by spending time with their daughter, Lola, who is currently living in London, juggling studies and work.

Michael, 27, continues to pave his way in the entertainment industry as an actor and producer while residing in New York. Joaquin, 21, is a college student in Michigan, and his wrestling pursuits often bring Kelly and Mark to visit.

After Joaquin left for college, Kelly and Mark faced the challenge of becoming empty nesters. Mark described the experience as “a deep loss,” and both struggled to adjust to a quieter home. Kelly reflected on the early days of their transition, sharing a story about cooking a dinner for twelve, only to dine with just Mark and their dogs.

Having Michael close helps ease the absence of their other children. Michael recently moved from the Upper East Side to Bushwick, Brooklyn, allowing him to visit his parents conveniently. Speaking on Kelly’s show, he expressed: “It’s been great. It feels free. I feel like an adult, but I totally miss you guys. Whenever I miss you though, I just come over. It’s 20 minutes.”

Kelly and Mark are proud of how they’ve raised their children, instilling values of generosity, thoughtfulness, and professionalism. Speaking to the Daily Mail, Kelly said, “I wanted to raise good, caring, generous, thoughtful people who are professional, who are polite, who don’t expect the world handed to them. We want to raise productive people who are thoughtful and selfless.”

Source: Daily Mail