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Kendall Jenner walks around California in a braless outfit

Kendall Jenner is a fan of comfortable yet glamorous dress no matter where she goes or who she is with. 

This time, the highest paid model in the world was spotted enjoying a casual stroll with her friend Hailey Bieber streets of Los Angeles wearing his figure of impact with a look sporty style braless . 

She took to the sidewalks of West Hollywood as a catwalk to show off dressed in tight three-quarter high-waisted leggings in black, paired with a short-sleeved sky blue crop top that helped frame her steel abs.

He used black mask to comply with the sanitary measures imposed by the Californian government to stop the spread of the coronavirus ; rectangular black sun glasses and a small bracelet. 

She was shown naturally wearing her hair in straight strands over her shoulders and with the naked eye without makeup. 

Beside her was seen Bieber also showed a look simple but glamorous with bikers short a crop top one shoulder, baseball cap, white sneakers and a black baggy jacket. 

One of Kendall’s pets also joined the ride; He was with his owner with a black belt. 

Her recent public appearances come after she was criticized on social media for her spectacular birthday party held on the roof of the 1 Hotel West Hollywood.

The model dressed as Barb Wir e by Pamela Anderson in 1996 and showed off some details on social networks, although she herself ordered her guests not to publish photos of the celebration on the internet.  

“Take all the photos you want, but don’t post them on social media of any kind,” Kendall said through a brochure that he sent to all of his friends and family who gathered at the hotel. 

According to reports, the 25-year-old Jenner was attended by 100 guests at her costume party without any sanitary measures to protect herself from the Covid or mask. 

Among the rules that the celebrity broke is one that prohibits outdoor meetings between people from no more than three homes as long as everyone wears face masks and stays at least two meters apart. 

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