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Kendrick Lamar Is Practically Family

Kendrick Lamar Is Practically Family

DeMar DeRozan recently discussed his controversial cameo in the music video “Not Like Us”. In an interview with Sean Cunningham from Sacramento’s Fox40, DeRozan, a new player for the Sacramento Kings, shared insights about his involvement in Kendrick Lamar’s video and addressed whether Drake’s music is still welcome at the Kings’ Golden 1 Center.

DeRozan, the former Toronto Raptors player, emphasized his affection for Drake, stating, “We love Drake, we always can play him.” He elaborated on his long-standing friendship with Kendrick Lamar, saying, “Kendrick has been a friend of mine, family. D–n near family, for a long time, for a while. We’re from the same city, we grew up d–n near in the same neighborhood. … It’s always been there. It hasn’t always been publicized, but, you know, that’s basically family.”

In Kendrick Lamar’s track “Not Like Us,” which takes a jab at Drake, DeRozan is mentioned in the second verse. Lamar raps, “I’m glad DeRoz’ came home, y’all didn’t deserve him neither,” referring to DeRozan’s trade from the Toronto Raptors to the San Antonio Spurs for Kawhi Leonard in 2018.

DeRozan not only made a cameo in the song’s video during his mention but also attended Kendrick Lamar’s Pop Out concert on June 19th. During the concert, he was one of the first to join the stage and dance to the song while Kendrick performed it.

DeRozan’s history with Drake goes back to his time with the Toronto Raptors. He played his first nine NBA seasons with the league’s only Canadian team and was featured on the cover of Slam magazine in June 2016 alongside Drake and his then-teammate Kyle Lowry.

Source: Fox40