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Kendrick Lamar Mural Unveiled at Compton Restaurant From “Not Like Us” Video

Tam’s Burgers shares a mutual love for Kendrick Lamar after he featured the restaurant in his latest music video. The fast-food eatery in Compton, Calif., where K. Dot and Mustard enjoyed a quick bite while dancer Storm DeBarge flexed animated moves in the “Not Like Us” visual, has displayed a mural of the acclaimed rapper.

An Instagram upload from BoomerDaClown highlights the unfinished work of artist Mike Norice at the Rosecrans Ave. location. Thus far, the painting features Kendrick Lamar’s face and the lyrics “They Not Like Us” in black lettering.

“Coming soon,” teased the post.

According to Billboard, sales at the Tam’s Burger location featured in the “Not Like Us” music video have also increased since the clip debuted, with many customers ordering Kendrick’s favorite bacon cheeseburger.

Directed by the Pulitzer-awarded rapper and Dave Free, as of Thursday (July 11), the video has earned more than 45 million views on YouTube since its Independence Day release. The creative visual was filled with subtle and blatant shots at Drake, as the chart-topping single stands as the most successful in their trending rap beef.
Kendrick Lamar performs onstage during The Pop Out – Ken & Friends Presented by pgLang and Free Lunch at The Kia Forum on June 19, 2024 in Inglewood, California.

This includes jabs at not just Drake, but also his OVO camp, reaching the next level. Moments include an owl pinata being destroyed by a bat-wielding Kendrick Lamar with the disclaimer “No Ovh*es were harmed during the making of this video” fixed across the bottom of the screen.

Additional easter eggs include a caged owl, an appearance from Whitney Alford with her and Lamar’s children, and a game of hopscotch.

Watch the music video below.

Source: Billboard