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Kendrick Lamar Unveils Music Video for Drake Diss Track 'Not Like Us'

Kendrick Lamar Unveils Music Video for Drake Diss Track ‘Not Like Us’

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Kendrick Lamar celebrated the 4th of July by releasing the music video for his popular Drake diss track “Not Like Us.”

The video opens with a cameo from Tommy the Clown, featuring his krumping dancers throughout the clip.


The video heavily showcases owl imagery, a nod to Drake’s OVO brand. Kendrick is seen with a live owl on his arm, a caged owl, and smashing a piñata shaped like an owl. A message stating “no OVHoes were harmed during the making of this video” flashes on the screen.


Other notable appearances include Mustard wearing a Toronto Blue Jays hat, and Lamar’s fiancée and their children.


The city of Compton plays a significant role in the visuals, highlighting local spots like Tam’s Burgers and drawing large fans’ gatherings at City Hall.

As previously reported, last month’s shoot brought out massive crowds eager to catch a glimpse of the local rapper.

Kendrick Lamar stands out as one of the most influential West Coast rappers today. His Juneteenth show, which managed to unite other rappers and even rival gangs, exemplifies his significant influence.

During the filming of the video, there were no disturbances; people gathered just to enjoy the experience. There was a notable police presence to ensure the event remained peaceful.

There were no disturbances during the filming of the visuals—just people gathering and having a great time. With a strong police presence, the celebration remained enjoyable and orderly.

Source: TMZ