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Kenia Os fans’ reaction to the recent “attacks” by Juan de Dios Pantoja

Social networks have reignited after the recent words that JD dedicated to Kenia Os about his lack of empathy towards Kimberly Loaiza.

Kenia Os, Juan de Dios Pantoja and Kimberly Loaiza are starring in a new phase in the dispute that they have maintained for just over a year in social networks, this after the influencer launched a controversial tweet about Kenya’s lack of empathy towards their wife.

The tweet came a few days after he released a video in which he claimed that Kenya had been hanging on to its fame.

JD described Kenya in that video as a conflictive person who has taken advantage of her fans to victimize herself.

How did your followers respond? Extremely annoying.

And it is that for Kenia fans it is reprehensible that Juan de Dios asks Kimberly for understanding when they were the first to supposedly make fun of her mental health.

Faced with tough claims, Juan de Dios took his mission to the next level, ensuring that both Kenya and his friend Youtuber Fox They hurt Kimberly, sharing videos and images about it.

JD assures that nothing and nobody will stop him.

All the details, in the video above.

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