Kerri Green: The Goonies Star’s Remarkable Career and Personal Life

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Kerri Green is an American actress and director. She is most known for playing Andy Carmichael in the famous movie The Goonies, and The Lord of the Rings, in which she also played opposite renowned actor Sean Astin.

It is clear from Kerri’s works that she is not interested in fame or popularity. Instead, she works harder and is more concerned with her family. However, she appears to enjoy her private life more than her time in the spotlight. 

Who is Kerri Green? 

Kerri Lee Green was born in Fort Lee, New Jersey, USA, on January 14, 1967. She is an American citizen and bears the zodiac sign Capricorn. She is an American actress and director best known for playing Andy in the 1985 family comedy-adventure movie “The Goonies,” written by Steven Spielberg, directed by Richard Donner, and starring Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, and Jeff Cohen in addition to her.

Kerri became less active in the film industry after she gave birth to her first child, and from 2001 took an 11-year sabbatical until returning to acting for a single job in 2012. She has subsequently shifted her attention to spending time with her family since she is not looking for fame or stardom while she occasionally continues to compose Hollywood screenplays.  

Early Life and Education 

While Kerri was raised in Woodcliff Lake and born in Fort Lee, New Jersey, she became passionate about acting at a young age, and when she enrolled at Pascack Hills High School, she started attending theatrical classes. Following her admittance, Kerri joined the theatre, delaying her graduate studies, but she enrolled in Vassar College in 1994, where she studied art. She shared a residence with Adam Tomei, the brother of Marisa Tomei, and Ken Levine, the creator of the wildly successful “BioShock” video game franchise. 

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Family and Personal Life 

Kerri has always chosen to keep her private life to herself. Although it is known that she is married, she hasn’t revealed any information about her husband, including his name and line of work.

According to IMDb, the couple exchanged vows in the early 1990s in a small ceremony that their closest friends and family only attended.

Kerri gave birth to their first child, followed by their second two years later, while they decided to concentrate on their jobs for the first few years. According to popular belief, Kerri decided to spend less time filming movies and TV shows and finally gave up acting because of her children.  


Kerri Green: The Goonies Star’s Remarkable Career and Personal Life

Kerri Green earned a name for herself by starring in numerous critically acclaimed parts when teen movies began to take over the American film industry. And Kerri was a real handful! She played one of the most notable roles in the 1985 movie Summer Rental. She portrays the daughter of a traffic controller who is worn out and stressed out by his job. 

But Kerri would finally get her big break in a different teen movie. She portrays Andrea “Andy” Carmichael in The Goonies, who was initially a conceited cheerleader. Later, she would develop into a courageous person who sought to maximise her time on earth. 

Moreover, Kerri co-starred alongside matinee idols Charlie Sheen and Corey Heim in the 1986 movie Lucas. She received more favourable reviews for the movie’s role as a lady entangled in a love triangle (1986). Despite all of her success, Kerri eventually left the big screen. She decided to continue pursuing her passion for the arts as she worked to complete her art studies at Vassar College. 

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She helped start Independent Women Artists, a non-profit organisation that produces indie movies. The pair would co-found, co-direct, and co-write the movie Bellyfruit with Bonnie Dickenson (1999). Teen pregnancy was the movie’s hot topic at the time.   

Awards and Other Nominations 

Kerri has been nominated for two Young Artist Awards: “Lucas” in 1987 and “Summer Rental” in 1986 for their respective categories of “Exceptional Performance by a Young Actress – Motion Picture” and “Exceptional Performance by a Young Actress Starring in a Feature Film – Comedy or Drama.” 

Physical Appearance 

She is a short woman, 1.56 meters (5 feet 2 inches) tall and 52 kilograms (115 pounds) in weight. 

Net Worth 

Green has been a well-known name in Hollywood for many years and has been in the business. This accomplished filmmaker and actress have amassed a net worth of $2 million. She has much to offer the industry and began gathering most of her profits at a young age. In the future, we hope to see more of Kerri Green.  

Social Media 

Kerri stays out of the public eye and doesn’t divulge personal information to her followers on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Kerri avoids the spotlight and doesn’t maintain any social media accounts.  

Some Other Information about Kerri Green

Kerri Green: The Goonies Star’s Remarkable Career and Personal Life


Kerri believes that studying and going to college are activities people should engage in, in their free time. She thinks her approach to studying made getting her college degree much easier for her than it would have been for most people.

She has worked with numerous charitable organisations and has fought for equal human rights since the beginning of her career.

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She currently supports the Black Lives Matter movement.

The city of Miami in Florida is Keri’s favourite place to visit. She enjoys travelling and has visited many US states to film scenes for her movies and television shows.  

She was overjoyed to be asked to appear in Steven R. Monroe’s movie “Complacent,” as he is her favourite director. In addition to “Patch Adams,” “A Thousand Words,” and “Meet Dave,” some of Kerri’s favourite performers and actresses include the late Robin Williams, Eddie Murphy, and Meryl Streep.


American actress Kerri Lee Green is best remembered for her part in the 1985 movie “The Goonies.” Kerri Green has consistently shown a love for storytelling and a dedication to empowering the voices of underrepresented groups. Her contributions to the industry as a filmmaker and supporter of female artists have had a long-lasting effect, and her roles in enduring 1980s classics have won her a devoted fan base. 

Green made significant contributions to the film industry despite taking a break from acting to further her education. She has demonstrated that a career in the entertainment industry can be rewarding and multifaceted. 

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