Kerry Katona Confirms No Filter Usage on Her OnlyFans Account

Kerry Katona claims she doesn’t use filters on her OnlyFans

Former Atomic Kitten star Kerry Katona has revealed that she does not use filters on her explicit pictures on OnlyFans. The engaged singer, who recently confessed to making a secret sex tape with her fiancé Ryan Mahoney, understands that her subscribers want to see a real, mature woman rather than a heavily retouched beauty. Speaking to Heat magazine, Kerry stated, “I’m still on OnlyFans. I still love getting my t*** out.”

A Peek into Kerry’s Work Week

When asked about her work schedule, Kerry explained that it varies depending on her photo shoots. She emphasized that she doesn’t rely on filters or airbrushing techniques, as she knows her audience appreciates her as a MILF. Kerry said, “It’s just a case of taking pictures, putting them in. Pulling out my t***, take a picture.” She even joked that she could be doing it during the interview itself, although she clarified that she wasn’t. Kerry’s work on OnlyFans involves continuous photo-taking and messaging with her subscribers.

An Unconventional Social Life

Kerry, who has children from different marriages, admitted that she does not have much of a social life. When discussing her life in the north, she said, “Yeah, I mean, I don’t really have a social life. I don’t say, ‘Ooh, I’m going out with the girls,’ because I don’t have any girls to date.” Kerry expressed that her social interactions revolve around her work, such as interviews like the current one. However, she appreciates the friendly atmosphere up north and enjoys casual chats, which have become her social life.

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