Kerry Katona’s fear of remarriage: Is she ready to take the plunge again?

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Kerry Katona Scared to Remarry

Credit: Bang Showbiz

Kerry Katona is scared to remarry. The former Atomic Kitten star has had three previous marriages to Brian McFadden, Mark Croft, and the late George Kay. Although she is currently engaged to Ryan Mahoney, the 41-year-old star recently revealed that his stomach dropped at the news of COVID-19 restrictions being lifted in the United States.

In his column for New! Magazine, Ryan informed Kerry that Joe Biden is lifting the law so anyone can travel to the United States without vaccines. The news of potentially being able to get married in Vegas excited Ryan, but Kerry’s response was not as enthusiastic. Kerry admitted that the thought of walking down the aisle again scares her, saying, “It’s only been five years, can’t we wait a little longer?”

Kerry Katona has five children and lost her third husband in 2019 due to an overdose. Although she previously admitted to looking forward to the idea of remarrying, the thought of marriage now gives her anxiety. In her column last summer, Kerry wrote, “I’ve been through two divorces and I’m a widow, so I feel scarred by what I’ve been through. A couple of years ago, I would have rushed to get married, but I don’t feel any need.”

While Kerry can’t wait to call Ryan her husband, there’s no rush to get married just yet. With all the time in the future, Kerry is taking it at her own pace and enjoying her relationship with her fiancé.

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