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Kerry Washington on Tony Goldwyn's 'Law & Order' Wish & 'UnPrisoned' Season 2

Kerry Washington on Tony Goldwyn’s ‘Law & Order’ Wish & ‘UnPrisoned’ Season 2

Kerry Washington is thrilled about reuniting with Tony Goldwyn.

In a conversation with ET’s Kevin Frazier, the actress responded to the news that her former “Scandal” co-star expressed interest in having her join him on “Law & Order.” Goldwyn is set to play the new district attorney following Sam Waterston’s exit from the series.

“This is the first time I’m hearing [that] breaking news,” Washington shared. “Honestly, when Tony Goldwyn tells me to do something, usually the answer is yes. So we’ll just have to figure out the when and the how of it all.”

Washington and Goldwyn are a beloved pair after their roles on “Scandal,” where Washington portrayed Olivia Pope, a fixer having an affair with President Fitzgerald Grant III, played by Goldwyn.

Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn pose together in May 2024. Victoria Sirakova/Getty Images
Regardless of whether a “Law & Order” appearance happens, Washington expressed her eagerness to welcome Goldwyn and other “Scandal” castmates onto her show, “UnPrisoned,” which will premiere its second season on July 17.

“From your mouth to God’s ears,” she said. “I would love to have our ‘Scandal’ folks on here. I love our ‘Scandal’ cast so much. So I’m always looking for opportunities to work with them and be with them.”

Washington, who serves as an executive producer and the star of the series, plays Paige, a relationship therapist and single mom whose life is turned upside down when her dad, Edwin, played by Delroy Lindo, is released from prison and moves in with her and her teenage son, Finn.

“Season 2 is really fun because we take on the challenge of family therapy. My dad and my son and I, we all go into therapy with a very, very hilarious and unconventional therapist,” Washington revealed. The therapist is portrayed by none other than John Stamos. “He’s so funny and so endearing. Family therapy is hard, but we go for it.”

Reflecting on the first season’s “amazing fantasy sequence with a dance floor and a disco number,” Washington assured fans that “this year’s fantasy sequence tops that,” adding, “It’s crazy. It’s a lot… It’s fierce.”

Season 2 will also explore more of Finn’s background, including introducing his father, played by Oliver Hudson.

“He’s so amazing,” Washington gushed. “… He’s so, so funny. You get to see kind of why Paige didn’t end up with him but also why she did.”

Faly Rakotohavana, who plays Finn, echoed Hudson’s praises, saying, “He plays a really funny guy. He is hilarious… I could not keep a straight face that entire scene. He just broke me every time. He’s a great dude. I enjoyed working with him.”

Additionally, Paige’s inner child, portrayed by Jordyn McIntosh, will make appearances in the new season.

“I pop up when Paige is overwhelmed or overly anxious, or something’s going on, or Paige is not getting along with somebody else,” McIntosh explained. “And little Paige knows, like, ‘OK, I gotta do my job. Time to go.’ So I come in and then I tell her straight, like, ‘Go on, you need to do this.'”

Paige also grapples with her relationship with her ex, Mal, who is also Edwin’s case worker. Marque Richardson reprises his role as Mal in the new season.

“Season 2 has to do with how we, the Alexander family, navigate this next phase of their relationship, this next phase of the family,” Lindo commented. “… Without spoiling anything, it will take some unanticipated turns. The turns that we hope will be good, ultimately, for the family.”

Overall, the show has cemented itself as a remarkable series, according to Brenda Strong, who portrays Edwin’s on-and-off girlfriend.

“Tracy McMillan has done such a genius job of taking her pain, her family trauma, and serving it up in a beautiful platter of humanity for us all to explore and laugh at,” Strong remarked about the series’ creator, who based the show on her own life. “At the same time, [viewers] go, ‘Oh my gosh, this is so relevant for so many families across America.'”

Season 2 of “UnPrisoned” premieres July 17 on Onyx Collective/Hulu.

Source: ET Online