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Kesha Debuts Her First Single as an Independent Artist

Kesha is kicking off the Fourth of July by celebrating her independence as an artist with a new single.

The song is called “Joyride” and is the first taste of new music fans have had since she released her Gag Order album in 2023.

“I couldn’t have made it through without all of you. Now we joyride,” the singer shared on Twitter ahead of the release of the song.

Prior to the release, Kesha was seen out and about with different vehicles and filling up at gas stations to promote the song.

Along with the new song, Kesha shared the lyric video for the track. The clip features tons of fiery visuals as well as trucks. The track was written by Madison Love and Zhone, as well as Kesha.

“Rev my engine ’til you make it purr / Keep it kinky, but I come first / Beep-beep, b–ch, I’m outside / Get in, loser, for the joyride,” she sings on the chorus of the song.

Notably, the song is the first release from Kesha since she went independent as an artist. Previously, she was signed to RCA Records.

After her contract was up, she celebrated the occasion by sharing a series of posts on social media.

“Freedom, I’ve been waiting for you. Everything’s changed now, we haven’t talked in a while,” the first one said.

“March 6, 2024. First day I’ve owned my voice in 19 years. Welcome,” Kesha said in a second post on Twitter.

The release of “Joyride” marks a significant moment in Kesha’s career as she embraces her newfound independence. The song’s vibrant and powerful lyrics, coupled with its dynamic visuals, echo the artist’s liberated spirit. As fans revel in the energy and message of “Joyride,” it’s clear that Kesha’s journey has taken a new, self-directed turn.

Source: Newsbreak